Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mrs. Juliette Nicola Blake

Mrs Juliette Nicola Blake

Juliette Blake is married to Simon and has three sons Alexander born in 2000, Henry born in 2002 and Marcus born in 2004. Juliette is a Councillor at Amber Valley Borough Council and Leader of Ripley Town Council in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Juliette is a Chartered Management Accountant and runs her own successful accountancy company working from home in the village where she lives. Juliette's husband Simon has his own tree surgery business and is a qualified arborist.

On 19th July 2007 a terrible accident occurred in the village where Juliette
lives in Heage, Derbyshire. A little boy, Finlay Martin, aged only 4 years
was killed and his Mummy, Zoe, was very seriously injured when a trailer
broke away from the vehicle towing it and hit them as they walked innocently along the pavement to collect Finlay's big sister from the nearby Heage Primary School.

Ever since the accident there is not a day that goes by when Juliette does
not think about Finlay and his family. Finlay's big sister Millie is in the
same class as Henry her second son at the local primary school. The whole village has been shocked and devastated by what happened that day.

Juliette knew that had the accident happened a little further up the road it
may well have been her sons and husband who were the victims. Juliette felt she had to do something so that others would not lose their lives like
little Finlay has and the lives of their loved ones being wrecked forever
which is what has happened to Finlay's family.

Juliette is campaigning for MOT's (annual safety inspections) for all towed
vehicles including caravans, car trailers, forestry chippers and so on. She
also feels that break away cables (to apply the brakes if towing vehicle and
trailer are parted) and braking systems should be installed on all trailers
not just the heavier trailers as is currently the case.

The fate of poor Finlay was not an isolated incident. Every year many
people die or are seriously injured in similar accidents. Please support
Juliette in her campaign so that other lives will be saved and at least then
Finlay's death will have achieved something positive which will be of some comfort to his family. Please sign the petition and hopefully together we can make the government introduce the necessary legislation.